Labour & the environment

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United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP has a small programme on labour based in its Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics:

DTIE > Business & Partnerships > Business & Industry > Labour
"As part of its work with business and industry, UNEP DTIE regularly involves labour in its activities. Labour representatives attend the Annual Consultative Meeting on Business and Industry held in Paris."

The website highlights the WILL2006 conference hosted by UNEP in January at its headquarters in Nairobi.

There is also a paper on labour unions and sustainable production and consumption:

The Role of Labour Unions in the Process Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production (June 2004)

UNEP and ILO have and also developed a Global Compact Resource Package, an introductory CD-Rom package for companies, associations and management schools. It coves human rights, labour, and the environment and includes slide presentations and case studies. Copies can be ordered from UNEP.