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Financial foundations of MPA

1 hour of course (1.5 ECTS credit points), course No. 11

Where does the money come from, and how can the financial situation of PAs be managed and improved?

  • ·Financial management in PAs

  • Specifics of financing PAs

  • Tools and strategies to improve the financial setting

  • Developments to open new funding and involve public and private sponsors

  • Mobilisation of local communities’ own resources and growing markets for local products

  • · Specifics of financing PAs such as:

    • environmental funds;

    • debt-for-nature swaps;

    • payments for non-traditional environmental services (e.g., certified forest products; payments for watershed protection; carbon sequestration schemes, and payments for other global environmental commons); and

    • new financing arrangements (e.g. private sector–community partnerships, and markets for environmental services).