Photo by Francis VorhiesIW:LEARN Regional Workshop on Economic Valuation and Water-Related Decision-Making

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This page contains PDF copies of various presentations given at the workshop.

Workshop overview (IUCN)

Principles of economic valuation of ecosystems (Earthmind)

The impact of river basin management issues on communities in the Volta Basin (Ghana)

Problems de gestion des ressources en eau dans le bassin de la Volta (Burkina Faso)

Personal action plan guidelines (IUCN)

Valuation case stories from South Africa (Earthmind)

Examples of valuation in practical river basin management (IUCN)

Niger Delta case study - Part 1 (Wetlands International)

Niger Delta case study - Part 2 (Wetlands International)

Initial effort in economic valuation Lower Mekong (World Bank Institute)

Valuation: Motivation, methods, application and caveats (World Bank Institute)

Valuation, IW learning and the GEF (IW Learn)

Application of valuation in decision-making (IUCN)

Designing and implementing valuation studies - a roadmap (IUCN)