Valuation in western Africa

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Western Africa

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This page contains valuation case studies from western Africa.



IUCN, 2003a
Waza Logone floodplain, Cameroon: Economic benefits of wetland restoration

Lucy Emerton
(Describes an exercise undertaken to asses the economic effects of floodplain degradation in the Waza Logone region of Cameroon. Presents an economic justification for government and donor investment in flood release measures to restore the hydrology and biodiversity of the floodplain.)


WWF, 2002
Feasibility study on financing mechanism for conservation and sustainable management of central African forests

Melissa Moye and Brigitte Carr-Dirick

(Prepared at the request of the ministers in charge of forests of central Africa (COMIFAC). Analyses opportunities and constraints for introducing new financial mechanisms.)




IIED, 1997
The economic importance of wild resources in the Hadejia-Nguru wetlands in Nigeria

Derek Eaton and Marie-Thérèse Sarch
(Presents the results of a training workshop and field study undertaken to assess the economic importance of the major wild resources harvested within the wetlands using participatory appraisal techniques.)




Harvard University, 1997
Theorizing access: Forest profits along Senegal's charcoal commodity chain

Jess Ribot

(Examines the distribution of benefits from Senegal's charcoal trade and the multiple market mechanisms underpinning that distribution.)


IUCN, 2003b

The economic value of wild resources in Senegal
Cheikh Oumar Ba, Joshua Bishop, Moustapha Deme, Hamet Diaw
Diadhiou, Alioune B. Dieng, Oumar Diop, Pedro Andres Garzon,
Moustapha Kebe, Oumou K. LY, Vaque Ndiaye, Cheikh Mbacké Ndione,
Astou Sene, Djiby Thiam, and Ibrahima A. Wade

(This draft report presents a summary of findings of recent research on the value of non-timber forest products, game, and freshwater fisheries in Senegal, West Africa. The research is based on new data gathered from producers, traders, and consumers of wild plant and animal products.)



IUCN, 2003c
Summary of the Djoudj and Diawling valuation studies

Oumou Koulsoum Ly et al

(A summary in French of the results of the valuation studies of the Djoudj and Diawling National Parks. Beyond their impact on fauna and the flora, the restoration, installation and management projects of these national parks improved visibly the social conditions of the local populations and strongly favoured the development of many economic activities in the delta of the Senegal River.)


IUCN, 2003d
The draft report of the valuation study of Djoudj National Park

Oumou Koulsoum Ly et al


IUCN, 2003e
The draft report of the valuation study of Diawling National Park

Oumou Koulsoum Ly et al