Valuation in western Africa

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Welcome to the development website for a report
on environmental valuation in western Africa.
This report was developed in support of IUCN's preparing a report on the valuation of environmental goods-and-services in western Africa for the GEO-4 report.

As the assignment is now completed, this site has been made accessible as a public service. It does not represent any policy or position of IUCN with respect to valuation in western Africa.

The work included the following components:

a) GEO4: Become familiar with the GEO-4 background documentation, including the comprehensive annotated chapter outline.

b) Issues: Become familiar with the issues selected by policymakers for inclusion in the GEO-4 report.

c) Literature: Undertake a comprehensive literature review of the concepts on the valuation of ecosystems goods-and-services, valuation of environmental goods-and-services, and markets for environmental goods-and-services.

d) Cases: Identify case studies, mainly in western Africa, where such concepts have been incorporated in programmes and projects, and have led to a greater understanding of the role of the environment in addressing poverty in Africa in general.

e) Recommend: Recommend the best way the issues on valuation of environmental goods-and-services in Africa should be incorporated in the GEO-4 report.

f) Report: Draft a report in English on the practical aspects on the valuation of environmental goods-and-services in western Africa.

g) Print: Facilitate the layout and printing of the final report for distribution.

h) Lessons: Produce a report on the lessons learnt during the implementation of this activity.