Valuation in western Africa

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Biodiversity valuation references

IUCN, 1994
The economic value of biodiversity

David Pearce and Dominic Moran
(A classic book on the topic; began life as a 1993 report to IUCN. Asks why biodiversity disappears and how its economic value might be captured by various institutional mechanisms.)

IUCN, 1996a
Using economics to attack biodiversity loss
Frank Vorhies
(Outlines a framework of seven steps for biodiversity impact assessment: identify an impact, establish the causes, determine the winners and losers of the impact, propose mitigation, determine the winners and losers of mitigation, implement mitigation measures, and monitor and evaluate.)

IUCN, 1996b
Slowing tropical forest biodiversity losses: Cost and compensation considerations
Randall Kramer
(Discusses work on cost estimation for protected areas in the tropics.)

IUCN, 1999a
Building economics into national biodiversity strategies and actions plans - Experiences from eastern Africa
Lucy Emerton
(This paper describes experiences gained in building economic concerns and concepts into NBSAPs in Eastern Africa.)

UNEP, 2000
The valuation of biodiversity for national biodiversity strategies and action plans
Dominic Moran and Camille Bann
(Provides guidance to trainers for the contents of workshops on biodiversity valuation.)