Valuation in western Africa

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Water ecosystem valuation references

This section contains some general documents on water ecosystems valuation including topics such as inland waters, coastal areas and marine.

Duke University, 2005
Economic tools for valuing freshwater and estuarine ecosystem services

Randall Kramer
(Reviews the growing body of research on the economic value of ecosystem services, focusing specifically on water quality and quantity.)

IDRC, 1999a
Blue pricing of undersea treasures
Jack Ruitenbeek
(Reviews the needs and opportunities for environmental economics research on coral reef management in South East Asia.)

IDRC, 1999b
Blue pricing of undersea treasures - annexes
Jack Ruitenbeek

IUCN, 1998b
Capturing the hidden values of wetland ecosystems as a mechanism for financing wise use of wetlands

Gayatri Acharya
(Focuses on the use of economic valuation as an incentive for wetland conservation.)

IUCN, 2004
Value: Counting ecosystems as a part of water infrastructure
Lucy Emerton and Elroy Bos
(A practical guide explaining the most important steps and techniques for the valuation of ecosystem services, and the incorporation of its results in decision-making. It explains, step by step, how to generate persuasive arguments for more sustainable and equitable development decisions in water resources management.)

OECD, 2002b
The biodiversity benefits of coral reef ecosystems: Values and markets
Herman Cesar
(Gives some background to economic valuation and market creation and presents three case studies)

Ramsar, 1997
Economic valuation of wetlands: A guide for policymakers and planners
Edward Barbier, Mike Acreman and Duncan Knowler
(A now classic guide for policy makers and planners on the potential uses for economic valuation of wetlands and how such valuation studies should be conducted. Provides details of the various techniques and examples of wetland valuation studies together with guidance on planning and managing a study and putting the result into a wider decision-making framework. Also available in French and Spanish.)

UNOPS, 2005a
Benguela Current Commission (BCC) economic study
Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Gordon Munro and Heather Keith
(The main purpose of this study is to analyze the economics of fishery management and other marine industries in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME), reviewing the case for and against regional co-operation in managing the BCLME.)

UNOPS, 2005b
BCC economic study summary
Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Gordon Munro and Heather Keith

WWF, 2001
An economic valuation of the terrestrial and marine resources of Samoa
Mohd Shahwahid and Richard McNally
(The Samoan authorities, in collaboration with WWF, commissioned research into the economic value of Samoa's marine and terrestrial resources, particularly forests. The findings and lessons learned are presented in this report.)

Wildlife Society of Southern Africa, 1993
An ecological economic review of the environmental impact assessment of conserving or mining the St Lucia Dunes
Frank Vorhies and Deborah Nolte Vorhies