Our Work

our workEarthmind manages sustainability initiatives and offers professional advice to private and public organisations in support of the conservation of nature and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Biodiversity Advisory Services

Earthmind offers professional advisory services to conservation areas, public agencies and companies with respect to the conservation and sustainable use of nature. These range from developing area-based conservation management plans and technical research in support of biodiversity policies to auditing compliance with the biodiversity standards of investment banks.

Biodiversity Advice – an overview of our advisory work on biodiversity and sustainability

BioTools for Business - an introduction to biodiversity and biodiversity tools for companies

TEEB for Business Library – case studies and materials collected in support of the TEEB report for business

Wetland Carbon Partnership – a legacy website of the Danone-IUCN-Ramsar partnership

Economics of Disaster Risk Reduction - a library in support of the UN Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction

Verified Conservation Areas (VCAs)

Earthmind is piloting a public VCA Registry, Standard and Toolkit for verifying areas which are being managed to conserve nature and use natural resources sustainably. The VCA Platform is being established under the Green Development Initiative with core funding from the Governments of the Netherlands and Switzerland.

VCA – lists VCAs and prop0sed VCAs and provides information on how to register or support an area

VCA Toolkit – provides best practice guidance to area managers including the VCA Standard

ConserveAreas – Twitter profile for the VCA platform

GDI – provides background information on the work of the Green Development Initiative (GDI)

Emerging Initiatives

Conservation Performance Funds

Earthmind is planning to build a fund management capacity which would assist investors and donors in the dissemination of funds to conservation areas based on agreed performance targets. In so doing, this fund would facilitate payments for specific conservation outcomes. Currently Earthmind mind is exploring a close partnership with the Conservation Agreement Fund.

Crowd Funding for our Planet

To enable individuals and corporations to directly support conservation action on the ground, Earthmind is strengthening partnerships with financing initiatives such as Instituto Lifeecoacre, LifeWeb, the Ecosystem Return Foundation, and Restore Store. Additionally, Earthmind is looking into developing based crowd funding platform for VCA financing at youcoserve.org with smartphone and tablet apps to enable direct connectivity between supporters and the conservation areas they support.

Earth Change

To raise public awareness about the loss of nature – the increasing degradation of landscapes and ecosystems and the increasing decline of habitats and wild species – Earthmind is investigate what role it could play in promoting a  Earth Change campaign to help people better understand how our planet is changing and what we can do to care for it. The campaign will include web-based and live media events including videos, lectures, and blogs such as Earthmind’s blog with Forbes magazine and its Twitter profile.

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