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earthmind-ourworkEarthmind manages sustainability projects and offers sustainability services to private, public and non-profit organisations. Our work focuses on caring for our planet through conserving nature and using living natural resources sustainably.

Biodiversity, business & the economy

Earthmind provides biodiversity advisory services to conservation area managers, companies, public agencies and NGOs. These services range from developing area-based conservation plans and technical research supporting biodiversity policy to auditing compliance with the biodiversity performance requirements of investors.

Biodiversity Services – An overview below of our work on biodiversity

BioTools for business - Our approach to corporate biodiversity responsibility

TEEB for Business Library – Collected case studies and materials in support of the TEEB report for business

Wetland Carbon Partnership – A legacy website of the Danone-IUCN-Ramsar partnership

Economics of Disaster Risk Reduction - A legacy website in support of the UN Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction


Verified Conservation Areas (VCAs)

Earthmind is piloting a public platform for verifying the supply of conservation. The VCA Platform has been established under the Green Development Initiative with core funding from the Governments of the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is now fully operational.

VCA – Lists registered and proposed VCAs and provides information on how to register an area

VCA Toolkit – Provides recommended best practice for managing conservation areas

ConserveAreas – Twitter page for the VCA Platform

GDI – Background information on Green Development Initiative (GDI)

Emerging initiatives

VCA Finance

Earthmind is planning to establish a brokering facility to syndicate commercial  investment and grant finance for Verified Conservation Areas. It will most likely include a fund management service to assist investors and donors in releasing funds to VCAs based on agreed performance targets. In so doing, this fund will facilitate payments for specific conservation outcomes. In this regard, Earthmind is exploring a closer partnership with the Conservation Agreement Fund.

To enable individuals and corporations to directly support conservation action on the ground, Earthmind is also strengthening partnerships with financing initiatives such as Instituto Lifeecoacre, LifeWeb, the Ecosystem Return Foundation, and Restore Store. Additionally, Earthmind is looking into developing a crowd funding platform for VCA financing at ‘youconserve.org’ with smartphone and tablet apps to enable direct connectivity between individuals and the conservation areas they support.


Earthmind has  begun work on a new online information platform on sustainable wildlife trade. The aim of this platform will be to assist policy makers and conservation area managers identify sustainable approaches to using and trading wild species. This will include profiling and partnering with websites such as the Traditional and Wild Toolbox.

Earth Change

To raise public awareness about the loss of nature – the increasing degradation of landscapes and ecosystems and the increasing decline of habitats and wild species – Earthmind is investigating what role it could play in promoting an ‘Earth Change’ campaign to help people better understand how our planet is changing and what we can do to care for it. The campaign could include web-based and live media events including videos, lectures, and blogs such as Earthmind’s Forbes blog and Twitter page.

Overview of our Biodiversity Services

We work on a broad range of activities related to biodiversity including strategic analysis, programme development and project management, monitoring and evaluation, technical research and report writing, and executive training and conferences. Examples of our work follows:

Strategic Analysis

  • Technical advice to Anadarko, Shell and Total on biodiversity risks and opportunities
  • DuPont consultant for Petronas on biodiversity, water & business ethics
  • Senior advisor to the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform
  • Senior advisor for IUCN Global Marine Programme focusing on corporate partnerships
  • Senior economic advisor to UNCTAD & ITC on the BioTrade Initiative
  • Guidance to Credit Suisse on NGO engagement

Programme Development & Project Management

  • Director, Green Development Initiative and its Verified Conservation Areas platform
  • Private Sector Advisor, UNDP/GEF Niger Delta Biodiversity Project
  • Coordinator, Danone/IUCN/Ramsar Wetland Carbon Partnership
  • Economic  Consultant, World Bank public expenditures review of sustainable land management in Uganda
  • Research & guidance for the ILO on developing programmatic approaches to labour and the environment

 Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Member of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline Lenders’ Environmental and Social Consultant
  • Chairman, Yemen LNG Independent Biodiversity Review Panel
  • Coordinator, Kuwait Environmental Remediation Independent Review Panel
  • Assessment of ILO HQ/Field Office Cooperation
  • Independent review of the financial mechanism of the Stockholm Convention
  • Due diligence reviews of IUCN partnerships with Danone, GDF-Suez, Global Blue, Kuoni & Yemen LNG

Technical Research & Report Writing

  • European Commission study on non-ODA financing for biodiversity in developing countries
  • ISDR working paper on ‘The Economics of Investing in Disaster Risk Reduction’
  • Contributing Editor of the UNEP report on ‘TEEB for Business and Enterprise’
  • Co-author of the IUCN/Shell report on ‘Building Biodiversity Business’
  • Research paper for the ILO on foreign direct investment and job creation
  • BioTools for Business website editor
  • Forbes blog

Executive Training & Conferences

  • Inaugural lecturer in business and biodiversity for the Sustainability Management School Switzerland
  • Organised and facilitated three international GDI expert meetings in Bali, Nairobi and Sao Paolo
  • Designed and facilitated training on the economics of marine resources in Cape Town and Jeddah
  • Designed and facilitated a training on economic valuation and water-related decision-making in Ouagadougou
  • Designed and ran MSC short courses on financing protected areas for the University of Klagenfurt
  • Senior Advisor to IUCN for the development EC High Level Conference on Business & Biodiversity
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